Tom K. Ryan A Biography
Tom K. Ryan A Biography

A controversial Figure from the beginning, Ryan was born in either Anderson or Muncie, Indiana...Anderson claiming it was Muncie...Muncie it was Anderson.

He first felt drawn (note pun) to cartooning at the age of nine; the illness was to remain with him for the rest of his days.

After a spectacularly lackluster stint at a local high-school, he burst forth, as from a cocoon, to meet life's challenge.

Three years of University life ensued (Notre Dame U. 1...U. of Cincinnati 2), when eager and equipped to plumb the frontiers of obscurity, Ryan was spit forth upon the shores of the Real World.

Setting his master plan in motion, he promptly took upon himself the burden of a wife and children, then set out to find ways to feed them.

After a series of jobs, too trivial to list here, he landed one in commercial art, cut a wide swathe through its magic world, and ended up free-lancing.

THEN ILLNESS STRUCK! Clingin doggedly (a pet dog helped see him through these days) to life, he bedded down with a Zane Grey western novel, fell madly in love with it, and after a pregnancy of six years, gave birth to TUMBLEWEEDS.

A spirited little rascal, the strip sprouted under the doting eyes of its proud papa, destined to be fawned upon by dozens. Even the crusty old NCS (National Cartoonists Soc.) gave it a couple of nods of recognition, and publishers chronicled it in a number of books.

TUMBLEWEEDS is Ryan's account of the Cowboys-and-indians thing..the untold story, from suppressed archives, of The Old West..the Epic Saga that inspired those immortal words of Buffalo Bill:"Go figure".

The Artist still plies his humble trade from a home in Florida, that legendary land where The Seminoles still dream of achieving full Noles.

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