T'Weeds News

The COMANCHE TRIBE of Oklahoma!
Made T.K. Ryan an honorary member in 2003.

T'weeds On Location!
"Tumbleweeds" is one of the Cartoon Feature Displays in "Toon Lagoon", at the new Universal Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida.
For more info, go to the Islands of Adventure website. Euroweeds Recently a European Television Channel did a segment featuring the Tumbleweeds Comic Strip, which was also seen in Moscow. Word has it the Saga is quite popular over there.
Claude Clay
Boot Hill Item
Claude Clay, the Grimy Gulch Mortician, is an Honorary Member of the Arizona Undertaker Assoc...T.K.Ryan, an honorary member of the Edgar Allen Poe Society.

The University Of Oklahoma
Once wrote and performed a Ballet based on the Tumbleweeds strip.

A Number Of National And Local American Indian Organization Have Lauded The Tumbleweeds Strip
The National Conference of American Indians
Americans for Indian Opportunity
Red American Student Organization of Utah
The Northern Indian California Education Project
The American Indian Culture Center, U. of Calif.
The Fontana Indian Education Center
The Native American Coalition of Tulsa
Indian Education Center, Coos Bay, Oregon

Chief Adopted?
The U.S. Airforce 335th tactical fighter squadron adopted the Chief of the Poohawk tribe for their new squadron Insignia to replace their traditional chiefs emblem.

Extra! Extra!
"TUMBLEWEEDS" the musical?
Based on the strip, this amateur production is still going strong, having well-surpassed 1,000 performances by school and other groups around the country.

Tumbleweeds recently wound up a 21/2 year gig at the MGM Grand Hotel & theme park. An area of the park known as Tumbleweeds Gulch featured some of your favorite characters as they walked about the Hildegard Hamhocker Ice Cream Parlor and the Tumbleweeds Shoot-thing Gallery.


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